Huge Tree Suddenly Topples Over Onto Cars At Traffic Lights In Rome

This is the moment a huge tree suddenly topples over onto cars stopped at traffic lights in the Italian capital Rome.

The incident took place on via Cristoforo Colombo, near viale Asia. At around 11:45 am on the morning of Tuesday, 19th March.

The footage shows a number of cars stopped at some traffic lights when they suddenly turn green and the cars begin to move.

But a tree on the grass to the right of the street suddenly begins to fall over.

The footage shows the tree hitting two of the cars that had just started moving after the traffic lights turned green. They were reportedly a Volkswagen and a Dacia.

A third vehicle narrowly avoided the tree hitting it as it began to move slightly faster than the other cars.

The images show motorists getting out of their vehicles and rushing over to help as the footage ends. With the traffic lights also damaged by the tree.

Local media said that no injuries were reported, although one person was treated for shock.

Municipal police officers closed off that stretch of road. With firefighters then dispatched to remove the fallen tree.

The road was set to be reopened after the large pine has been removed by the authorities.