Shocking Moment Motorist Drives With Open Bonnet At 70 Mph On Motorway

This is the dumbfounding moment a motorist drives their car with the bonnet popped open at high speed, barely able to see the road ahead.

A man travelling parallel to them on the motorway in Shanghai, China’s biggest city, filmed the black sedan being driven with its bonnet wide open on the morning of 16th March.

Shocked by the sight, the man who filmed it could not help but marvel at the sedan driver’s guts.

He shared the video on Douyin, China’s TikTok, with the hashtag “#UnbeatableDrivingSkills”.

Many wondered how the driver was even able to see ahead while reportedly travelling at 70 mph and simultaneously averting a crash.

A user titled ‘glory’ commented: “How do you look at the front? Can you look through the gap in the bonnet?”

A man drives with the car’s bonnet open in Shanghai, China, undated. He was driving on a highway at about 70 miles per hour. (71262350/AsiaWire)

User ‘A dream eleven years ago…’ wrote: “The last time I’ve seen such a video, a woman was driving with the hood open.

“The traffic police asked her how she could see the front. She said there was a gap underneath and she could see the front. Such people should have their driver’s license revoked.”

And ‘Ucylu’ said: “Can drivers still go on the road like this? Is this not violating traffic regulations?”

However, some suggested the vehicle might have had an autopilot command switched on, making it easy for the driver to travel.

Local authorities have not yet commented on the case.