Huge Cement Mixer Almost Tips Over Avoiding Schoolboy

Story By: John Feng,Sub Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Asia Wire Report
Video Credit: AsiaWire

This heart-stopping footage shows a schoolboy running a red light and very nearly being crushed to death by a speeding lorry which knocks him down and veers away at the last second.

The dramatic accident happened in the city of Yiwu in East China’s Zhejiang Province on 4th January as the child prepared to cross the junction between Wuzhou Avenue and Kaichuang Road.

Traffic camera footage shows him standing on a zebra crossing and hesitating to dart to the other side of the multi-lane road as several cars drive past him.

As the green light flashes and turns amber for the heavy traffic, the boy makes a run for it but does not appear to notice the approaching lorry.

Concrete mixer driver Wang reportedly wanted to make it through the crossroads during the amber light and did not slow down either.

He can be seen swerving wildly to the left as the boy appears in his path. The child is then sideswiped and knocked onto the road as the lorry veers away into the junction.

Authorities say the boy suffered no serious injuries besides a few scratches, while lorry driver Wang also appeared to avoid other cars in the process.

Yiwu police have ruled that Wang will bear the majority of the responsibility for attempting to speed past the amber light, while the boy – and by extension his legal guardians – will bear secondary liability.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire