BLOWN AWAY: Storm Chaser Gets In The Middle Of A Tornado

A young meteorology student experienced the thrill of a lifetime when he wound up in the middle of an active tornado during storm chasing.

Jay Lesyk, 21, who originally comes from Canada, told Newsflash in an interview that studies meteorology at Ball State University, in the US state of Indiana.

He has always loved learning about tornadoes and would often sneak out to chase them while growing up in Canada.

Jay said that he went on his first hunt in the US near the town of McCool, Mississippi, on Wednesday evening, 30th November.

Amazingly, he drove himself right into the middle of what was apparently a powerful tornado the same day.

He filmed the thrilling moment as strong winds and heavy rainfall hit the surrounding area.

“Oh my god, I’m in it!” Jay says in his video.

“This is it, this is a tornado. I’m in a tornado,” Jay can be heard saying, seemingly in disbelief.

Although November severe weather outbreaks are not as common, Mississippi is one of the places where tornadoes are most often found.

Jay told Newsflash: “It may not have sounded like it, but I was actually relatively calm on the inside. I trust my experience in a situation like this.

“I was willing to get that close to the circulation for a reason.”

Jay said that he has done a ton of training and studying in the past so he knew exactly what to do.

“That was my first ever chase in the US so I have a 100% tornado success rate!” Jay boasts.