Violent Man Punches Girl And Woman For No Clear Reason

Story By: Jana Tomovska, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment an illegal immigrant in Italy is caught on CCTV camera pushing a girl down some steps and then punching a woman unconscious for no apparent reason.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon in Lecco, a city on the south-eastern shore of Lake Como, in northern Italy.

Pictures Credit:CEN

The man in the video is seen walking down steps into the underpass where he clearly is annoyed at the fact that a girl, reportedly aged 18 and who was not named, is walking up the stairs in front of him beside her friends.

As she is looking down, she does not see him, and he simply shunts her backwards, sending her sprawling and causing injuries that left her stuck at home for 10 days.

Pictures Credit:CEN

The footage then switches to further down the underpass where the man then randomly punches a 55-year-old woman, who falls on the ground and smashes her head against the wall, and is then left lying unconscious as the man walks off – and then leaves the underpass as cops chase after him.

Both were treated promptly at the scene by emergency services with the punched woman kept in hospital overnight as a result of her head injuries, before being discharged the next day. She is expected to be off work however for a month as she recovers.

The attacker, identified by local media as a 24-year-old immigrant from Togo in West Africa, was later arrested by the railway police on the city square, while trying to board a bus.

They said that he was in the country illegally as he did not have a residence permit and that he also had a police record.

After a night in custody, he was transferred to court in front of judge Enrico Manzi who agreed that the man could be released into house arrest.

The lawyer for the 24-year-old, Arianna Imbasciati, requested and was granted the right for a psychiatric examination for his client, which will now be carried out by the consultant Giuseppe Giunta.

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