HOT ROD: Lamborghini Crashes After Driving at 300kph On Italian Motorway

This video shows a Lamborghini burning to ash following a crash after a video was earlier shared showing it doing 300 kph down an Italian motorway.

In the footage, the man can be seen driving down the motorway as the speedometer creeps up to 300 kph.

Then it flicks to an image of the car in the middle of the motorway burning away and pictures later show only the wheel hubs around the completely disintegrated vehicle.

The Lamborghini Huracan worth over EUR 200,000 (GBP 172,000) apparently struck the crash barrier before bursting into flames. The intensity of the fire almost completely destroyed the vehicle by the time the fire brigade turned up to extinguish it.

The two people inside the vehicle managed to escape unharmed following the crash on the A-16 Naples-Canosa highway between the Avellino Ovest and Avellino Est toll booths.

As well as losing the vehicle, police are reportedly considering taking legal action against the unnamed 46-year-old millionaire businessman driver for speeding.

The road was reportedly closed while firemen tackled a blaze for some time before they could extinguish the blaze and remove the debris.

Picture shows the speedometer of the Lamborghini Huracan indicating a speed of 293 kilometres per hour, in Italy, undated. The car crashed first into the guardrail and then the wall of the roadway after it was driven at 300 kilometres per hour on the highway, the occupants were unharmed, the fire brigade came but the car was destroyed after it caught fire. (CEN)

It is unclear how fast the car was going when it crashed.