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Huge Blocks Of Snow Fall From Roof To Smash Cars Below

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash


This is the moment huge blocks of packed snow fall off a roof and smash onto the parked cars below leaving them damaged.

The incident took place in the southern Russian city of Novosibirsk in the Oblast of the same name and was recorded by onlookers who later posted the clips to social media.

In the video, large blocks of packed snow can be seen on top of a sloping roof when one of them slides down, partly hitting a car below.


Another clip shows lines of cars under a similar roof with a large lock of snow on the precipice above.

The block then collapses directly onto three cars below, setting off their alarms as the driver of another vehicle moves it away.

A final clip shows what appear to be lights falling from the roof onto the cars below.

Eyewitnesses told local media that they had warned the owners of the cars about the risk, with one unnamed witness saying: “I called them and told them that the snow looks ready to fall. I even sent them several videos with the snow starting to fall yet no one ever listened or drove the cars to another place”

According to reports, the owners of the damaged cars are currently trying to find out who the responsible parties are so they can be held accountable.

It remains unclear if there were any people inside the damaged vehicles or the estimated material damage caused by the snowfall.

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