FIRE START-UP: Drunk Steals Police Car From Blaze And Crashes Into Trike Driver

This is the dramatic moment a drunk in a police car he had stolen from outside a burning building in southern China crashes into a motor trike driver.

The 23-year-old drinker – named as Mr Wei in local media in Bama Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi Province – had reportedly taken the unlocked car after finding it parked on the street on 20th November.

Chilling street CCTV footage shows the police car speeding down the road and crashing straight into a motor trike and its driver.

The impact is so great that the trike is smashed to pieces in the collision.

Astonishingly, report local media, the trike driver was not seriously injured and is recovering in hospital.

He was reportedly waiting for passengers from a nearby bus station when the stolen police car ploughed into him.

A second video clip shows Wei appearing completely stunned as he sits inside the smashed police car grasping the steering wheel with the windscreen wipers still going.

A third clip shows officers attempting to arrest Wei as they struggle to pull him out of the crashed vehicle after he seems to have blacked out.+

Drunk man who stole a police car hits a tricycle in Bama Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi, China, undated. After the accident the man was detained. (AsiaWire)

Police say they had left their car unlocked with its warning lights going as a warning outside a fruit shop that had caught fire.

The case is under investigation.