Hoodie Thug Puts Knife To Womans Neck In Shop Heist

Story By: Angjela Trajkovska, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@mojabackatopola.rs

This is the moment a thug in a hoodie holds a knife to an elderly woman’s throat as he orders a shop assistant to give him the cash from the till.

The shocking scene was recorded by a CCTV camera in the town of Backa Topola in the province of Vojvodina in Serbia.

In the video, the burly thief can be seen threatening the female shop assistant with a knife and appears to try and hit her before walking towards the older female customer.

Picture Credits: CEN

The knifeman stands behind the woman and holds the blade towards her throat as he demands the cashier empty the till.

The shop assistant does what he asks and he lets the hostage go before grabbing the cash.

The terrified customer walks away before the thief flees the scene.

The shop¡s management said: “We weren’t there and we don’t know the details except what the camera filmed. The staff member who was working does not have anything to say. It is a huge shock for everyone. We hope that the thief will be arrested soon.”

A local resident said: “The cashier did well and immediately handed over the money. The thief didn’t hurt anyone, but this could all have ended tragically.”

The police have launched an investigation and no arrests have been reported.