Home Alone Tot Plunges 22 Storeys From High-Rise

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This picture shows the lifeless body of a two-year-old girl after she reportedly fell out an open window on the 22nd floor of a high-rise building while left home alone for just 40 minutes.

The tragic clip was filmed by a neighbour inside the Royal Lakefront residential area in Xixiangtang District in Nanning, capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in South China.

It shows the two-year-old girl wearing only a nappy lying motionless on a concrete awning above the ground floor of Block 12 late on 6th July, when she is thought to have climbed and fallen out of an open corridor window on the 22nd floor.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The child’s mum, Ms Yi, lives and works with her husband in the city of Yulin about 130 miles away.

She said: “Her nan went out and left her sleeping at home. Maybe she got hungry and woke up. She started crying, went looking [for her], and then climbed the window.”

According to reports, the tot’s grandad was out driving his taxi, and the accident happened during the roughly 40 minutes the her grandmother left to the shops to buy noodles.

The girl is believed to have been aided by a concrete step and lifted herself over the low railing – less than 3 feet high – before falling out the open window and plunging to her death.

Ms Yi said: “Her skull was cracked and all her bones broken. She was unrecognisable and her eyes weren’t closed.

“How does something like this happen to such a cute child, and no one can give me an explanation?”

Ms Yi said she has been requesting that property management install burglar bars outside the corridor windows since last year.

She said: “We’ve been asking since 28th September 2018.

“Had there been security bars on the 22nd floor, she could have cried until morning and still wouldn’t have fallen out.”

Reports say more than 70 percent of the residents in the complex have children, and many are minded by their grandparents while their parents work.

The majority now believe the corridor windows constitute a “major safety risk,” they added.

Property management spokesman Mr Wei told local media: “As soon as we heard, we rushed over. We are truly heartbroken. However, we also offered an explanation for the lack of security bars.

“In accordance with fire safety standards, burglar bars are not allowed in this location and only [window] safety hinges are permitted.

“If there were security bars, how would residents escape during a fire?

“We will be looking at installing safety hinges in the windows to limit their opening range.”

Reports said the authorities have since ruled the girl’s death as an accident.

Ms Yi said she and her husband may take legal action.

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