HIT AND RUN: Illuminated Phone Sent Flying Shows Violence Of Collision

This video shows the shocking moment a person along a road holding a mobile telephone to illuminate their presence is sent flying by a hit-and-run driver.

The collision happened outside the 600 block of N. Rockwell in Oklahoma City in the United States.

The woman pedestrian was walking on the road when she was struck by a car on the inside lane, and the violence of the collision can be seen by the fact that her mobile phone flew up into the air and is sent spinning forwards before landing on the ground.

A statement obtained by The Oklahoma City Police Department asked for the public to help in tracking down the vehicle’s owner.

They wrote: “This is a video of a fatal auto-pedestrian, hit and run collision in the 600 block of N. Rockwell.

“In the video, you will see two cars moving right to the left. The car in the outside lane is the hit-and-run vehicle.

Reckless driver hits a woman in the 600 block of N. Rockwell, in Oklahoma, US, in undated footage. According to the police, the car is a dark blue 2001-2006 Lexus LS430. (Oklahoma City Police Department/Newsflash)

“You can see the light on the pedestrian’s phone as she is walking. As the car impacts her body, you see the phone fly into the air.

“Based on evidence at the scene, we know the car is a dark blue 2001-2006 Lexus LS430.

“It will have passenger side front end damage and will be missing the passenger side mirror.”

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