HEROIC PET: Dog Dies After Waking Up Teen Owner And Helping Her Escape House Caught By Raging Fire

A hero dog has suffocated to death after he woke his teen owner up and helped her exit the family’s blazing house.

Jennifer Oleniczak poses with husband Charlie in an undated photo. Their house burned down on New Year Eve in Texas, USA. (@jennifer.larivey/Newsflash)

The brave pitbull named Ollie was reportedly found lifeless at 15-year-old Jaylee’s bedside a week after his family’s home caught fire in the city of Corpus Christi, in Texas, USA on Saturday, 31st December.

On the day of the incident, Jaylee’s mother Jennifer Oleniczak, reportedly woke up to a loud banging sound around 11:30pm, and rushed to the back door to check what it was.

Tired and still half-asleep, she was shocked to see her neighbour yelling that her family’s home was on fire, before she looked out of the door and noticed that the patio and stairs were in flames.

Jennifer then grabbed her Shih Tzu dogs and six puppies, and began screaming the names of her husband Charlie Oleniczak and daughter so that they would immediately get out of the house.

She said: “I started to run with them outside, but I tripped. So, I broke my fall, and I started throwing the puppies out onto the patio.

Picture shows the family dogs, undated. Their house burned down on New Year Eve in Texas, USA. (GoFundMe/Newsflash)

“My husband was already off the deck, so he was grabbing the puppies and throwing them off.”

The woman recalled that the fire spread to a great extent in just a matter of minutes and added: “Then, there was like a seven-foot flame, and I see my last two puppies catch fire.

“I screamed at my husband. I just yelled, ‘Oh god, save me.’ And all of a sudden, the fire just fell, and I jumped.”

But as her neighbours and husband helped Jennifer reach the street, her daughter began screaming for the family’s pit bull who had reportedly woken her up when he noticed the fire.

Jaylee said: “Yes, that’s how I heard the door because Ollie came to the room. ‘Where’s Ollie?'”

Oleniczak explained that the three were looking everywhere for their favourite pet including social media platforms, their charred house, and even local shelters.

But she claimed: “So, we couldn’t find him.”

Then more than a week after the fire Charlie found Ollie’s lifeless body by the teenage girl’s bed on Monday, 9th January 2023.

Jennifer said: “My husband went in, and he found him at my daughter’s bedside, at the foot of her bed like he had collapsed from the smoke inhalation.

Jennifer Oleniczak poses in an undated photo. Their family house burned down on New Year Eve in Texas, USA. (@jennifer.larivey/Newsflash)

“I just wanted to give him a big hug because had he not gone in there, Jaylee would have died.

“I ask that you keep us in your prayers as we are all very emotional going through this trauma and loss.”

The family reportedly lost seven dogs in the fire, but they were able to save four.

Officials claimed they are not certain what could have caused the fire, but are reportedly investigating.

Picture shows the family with the dogs, undated. Their house burned down on New Year Eve in Texas, USA. (GoFundMe/Newsflash)

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s brother named James Harvey set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help his sister and her family get back on their feet.