WOOF RACK: Dog Transporter That’s Just Barking

It looks like it could be the ultimate in one pupmanship.

These two pooches turned heads when drivers spotted them in traffic on a busy expressway in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on 8th January.

Because instead of being inside the overcrowded car weaving its way through traffic, they were jammed into a cardboard box on the roof.

Tied up with green string to a roof rack, the dogs can be seen with just their heads poking out of the cardboard.

And as the car inches through busy Chinese New Year traffic, the amazingly calm pair can be seen looking around at the vehicles beside them.

The woman who shot the footage spoke to the owners and asked them about the bizarre seating arrangements.

Two dogs sit on a roof of a car on an expressway Hangzhou, Zhejiang in China, undated. The video shooter said that he chatted with the car owner and learned that they were going home for the New Year. (614205907/AsiaWire)

They told her that they were travelling to their home village for the New Year festival later this month (January).

Later, she shared the footage on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

Netizens poked fun at the pups, commenting on how they apparently did not pay for the ride, so they were forced to share the upper bunk.

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