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Girl Saves Street Cat Paralysed With 9 Pellets In Body

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A kindhearted girl has saved a cat that was found on the street with nine air gun pellets in its body despite her mum wanting to have the paralysed feline put to sleep.

Reports said the unnamed mother and daughter found the paralysed cat in the city of Berezniki in western Russia’s Perm Krai region.


When they took it to a vet and the poor cat underwent X-rays, it was discovered that it had nine air gun pellets in its little body.

One pellet had damaged the young cat’s spine and paralysed it.


The mother believed that the kindest solution would be to put the little feline to sleep, however her daughter insisted on trying to save it.

Vets removed the pellets, including the one dangerously situated on the cat’s spine, and a resident named Sergey Shakhtorin agreed to take it home for rehab.

Shakhtorin said that after a few days, the cat started trying to walk around his flat.

He added that he has low expectations for the small animal, but hopes it can continue to recover as its body grows.

Shakhtorin told local media that he is trying to avoid allowing the cat to put too much pressure on its paws for now so that it can continue to heal.

Netizen ‘Margarita Gylka’ said: “Oh my God, please punish the people who did this to the cat.”

‘Tamara Pakratova’ commented: “Whoever did this deserves to be beaten up big time.”

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Anastasia Smirnova

I am a senior writer and correspondent with several years experience working as a contributor for various publications.