Screaming Migrant Woman Whipped By Racist Street Mob

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment a young migrant woman wails in agony as she is whipped in the street by a racist gang of self-styled “vigilantes” who reportedly told her to return to her homeland.

In the images, the belt marks and bruising allegedly sustained in the attack can also be seen.

Pictures Credit:CEN

The shocking incident occurred in the town of Bambamarca in the northern region of Cajamarca in Peru when Venezuelan Oriana Rosa Perez, 20, was walking home with a group of friends in the early hours of the morning.

Local media report she was stopped a group of “ronderos” and “Serenazgo agents”, local vigilante groups, who then began beating her.

Pictures Credit:CEN

In the video, Perez can be heard screaming “stop, stop please” as at least one man stands over her and whips her. The young woman keeps shouting as the beating continues and a male onlooker shouts: “You should be ashamed! F*cking cowards!”

Perez told local media: “They got out of their car, and there were like ten of them and they told me to go back to my country and to leave theirs”

According to local media, a police report confirmed the brutal aggression against the young Venezuelan girl.

The victim said: “I only want justice because this could happen to another person.”

It is unclear if any of the aggressors were identified or arrested.

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