Raised Platform So Visitors Can Feed Giraffes At Zoo

Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Newsflash

Schonbrunn Zoo/Newsflash

This incredible close-up footage shows how visitors can now feed the giraffes at the world’s oldest zoo thanks to an elevated platform that has been set up so people can spend time with them at eye level.

The footage was made available to Newsflash by Schoenbrunn Zoo, the self-proclaimed world’s oldest zoo which is located in the heart of the Austrian capital Vienna.

It shows zoo director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck hand feeding three giraffes leaves as they crane their already long necks and stick out their also lengthy, bluish, tongues in a bid to snap up as much grub as possible.

Mr Hering-Hagenbeck told Newsflash: “We have built a special high stand for our new range. So you are at eye level with our lovely giraffe trio Fleur, Sofie and Obi and you can feed them fresh leaves.”

Schonbrunn Zoo/Newsflash

The zoo said in a press release sent to Newsflash: “With their long eyelashes, unique fur pattern and impressive size, giraffes fascinate young and old. In the Schoenbrunn Zoo you can now book an exclusive experience with the long necks: the giraffe seduction.

“Giraffes live in sub-Saharan Africa and feed on leaves, fruits and fresh shoots that they tear off with their tongues.

“During the special tour, giraffe friends take a look behind the scenes of the giraffe house together with an animal keeper. You will learn details about the animals’ biology, their habitat, complex maintenance and animal training in the zoo.”

And Mr Hering-Hagenbeck added: “The giraffe is very well adapted to its habitat and its feed. You can watch how clever it is with its long bluish tongue when feeding.”

Joseph Golder

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