FOOTBALL VIOLENCE: Teen Mum, 17, Dies Shot Dead After World Cup Brawl In Shopping Centre Following Brazil Loss To Croatia

A 17-year-old mum has died after a World Cup brawl in a shopping centre in Brazil after the country’s team lost to Croatia.

The footage shows some of the violence that took place in the shopping centre, with youths fighting as security guards try to stop the violence.

People can be seen fighting in the shopping centre, with shouts and screams heard as at least two groups, some wearing Brazil football shirts, attack each other.

The incident took place in the municipality of Barretos, which is located in the northern part of the state of Sao Paulo, on Friday, 9th December, after the South American country was kicked out of the World Cup after losing on penalty shootouts to Croatia in the quarter-finals.

Barbara Carolina Cantidio, reportedly a mum to a two-year-old daughter, was shot dead during the violence and her cousin, who has been named as Debora Cristina Rebor Basilio, reportedly also 17, was also shot and hospitalised in a serious condition.

The pair had reportedly gone to the North Shopping Centre in Barretos to watch the Qatar World Cup quarter-finals football match between Brazil and Croatia.

Barbara was shot twice in the chest and died of her injuries, while her cousin Debora was also shot in the chest and was hospitalised at the Santa Casa hospital in a serious condition.

Their two other cousins, who have not been named but who are said to be 20 and 21, were also injured during the violence, but did not suffer gunshots, according to local media.

The local Civil Police have launched an investigation, with one suspect, who has not been named, identified as the shooter.

The suspect, said to be a minor, allegedly shot the young girl dead as she left the shopping centre.

Barbara Carolina Cantidio, 17, poses in undated photo. She was shot after a fight that started inside a mall during the Brazil game in the World Cup, in Barretos, Brazil, on Friday, Dec. 9, 2022. (Newsflash)

The young man was later arrested but a court ordered his release on Saturday, 10th December.