Female Ex-Boxer, 34, Beat Rich Swiss Hubby To Death So Violently There Was Blood Left On Her Shoes

A former professional female boxer from Brazil arrested for murdering her rich Swiss restauranteur husband hit him 19 times in the head with a baseball bat with such fury that blood ended up on her shoes.

The evidence was one of several presented by prosecutors who opposed allowing bail for the three-time world title challenger Viviane Obenauf, aged 35, who has been in investigative custody since November 2020.

She is accused of beating her husband, identified only as Thomas F., 61, to death in his apartment in the Swiss town of Interlaken a month earlier on 19th October 2020.

Viviane Obenauf, who is in custody on suspicion of killing her husband. ( @vivianeobenauf/Newsflash)

Obenauf was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where she played football and was an Olympic gymnast before turning to boxing at the age of 18.

She started working in the gastronomy industry in Switzerland after retiring from the sport and then later opened her own gym.

Obenauf had only married her husband in January 2020, about 10 months prior to the incident. She has been in custody ever since the victim died from a “sustained violent assault”.

Viviane Obenauf, who is in custody on suspicion of killing her husband. ( @vivianeobenauf/Newsflash)

Now, over a year after the act, the court in Interlaken has revealed several pieces of incriminating evidence that might place the former boxer behind bars for over 10 years.

According to Swiss newspaper Aargauer Zeitung, Obenauf was the only one to have a spare key to her husband’s apartment, which is incriminating because there were no break-ins disclosed by the investigators.

Also, despite claiming she was watching films at her own home on the evening of the crime, her mechanic testified that he saw her red Chevrolet Camaro in Interlaken on 18th October 2020, which he had repaired on several occasions and thus recognised, revealing it was the only similar car in the region.

Viviane Obenauf, who is in custody on suspicion of killing her husband. (@vivianeobenauf/Newsflash)

Her son Calvin revealed that the baseball bat found covered in blood next to Thomas F.’s body belonged to his mother, and Thomas F.’s wedding ring was on the ground, lying next to his corpse.

Forensic scientists found Obenauf’s DNA on the victim’s mobile phone, which had been smashed after the attack, and DNA was also found on his tracksuit top, which they found in a waste container.

They also detected traces of blood from the victim on Obenauf’s shoes. They say he was hit by the accused 19 times in the head and even more times all over his body with the baseball bat, indicating that the act was committed “with emotion”.

Viviane Obenauf, who is in custody on suspicion of killing her husband. ( @vivianeobenauf/Newsflash)

Obenauf has denied all the charges and demanded she be released from investigative custody, but this was rejected because of the risk that she will flee to Brazil and then vanish, as there is no extradition treaty with Switzerland.

As a result, the court decided that she will remain in custody until the public prosecutor decides to file charges against her.

If she is found guilty of the killing, the former boxer faces over 10 years behind bars.