Family With Children Escape Home As It Is Flooded Within Minutes

This incredible footage shows a family including children sitting in the living room watching television when floodwaters suddenly burst into the room.

The panicked adults including two women and a man then grabbed the children, and bizarrely the television continued to play despite the rising flood waters.

A second video shows a family fleeing the house with one of the women falling into the water as she struggles to get to safety as the floodwaters rise in Taguatinga. In Brazil’s Federal District on 7th January.

The CCTV footage shows children and adults initially trying to climb onto the sofa but when they realise that the water levels are soon going to cover even that, they open the door and flee the room.

The camera then continues to film as the room fills with water, and even the sofa starts to float as the water rushes into the building.

The second video shot on an external CCTV camera shows the two women carrying children and a short while later they are followed by the man.

Family escapes before their house is flooded. In Assentamento 26 de Setembro, Brazil, on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2024. No one was injured. (CEN)

A car parked in the garage is left stranded as items from the house are seen being carried away by the current.

A third video shows how a path outside the house has been turned into a raging torrent with clean washing hanging only inches above the muddy brown water.

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In this footage, somebody can be seen opening the door presumably to see whether water is coming from. And they end up with the floodwaters rushing inside together with debris. Later on in the video they are even knocked over by the water and seen struggling to stand

The rains are said to have occurred across the Federal District during the weekend (6th/7th January).

Governor Celina Leao declared an emergency situation in the Federal District following the damage from the heavy rains.