Escort, 21, Drugs And Kills Elderly Customer For His Cash

This is the 21-year-old escort accused of drugging and strangling an elderly client to death so she could steal his money.

Ricardo Flavio dos Santos, 69, was strangled to death in the Brazilian administrative region of Ceilandia on 25th November.

Three suspects were arrested two days later, among them 21-year-old Sthefany Virginia Inacio Rodrigues, an escort who had known Santos for at least two years.


Santos had left home in the administrative region of Samambaia on the morning of the crime, telling family members he was going to a lawyer’s office in the nearby region of Guara.

He did not return home and his relatives reported him missing the following day.

Santos had instead gone to Rodrigues’ residence in nearby Ceilandia after being invited over by the escort, who knew that her elderly client had recently received an insurance payout of BRL 35,000 (GBP 4,917) as well as his PIN numbers.


According to police chief Gustavo Augusto: “The victim blacked out shortly after sex.”

Rodrigues then went to the bank with two male accomplices with the intention of withdrawing Santos’ money in one go. However, they were unable to do so, as the account holder’s fingerprint was required.

The trio then decided they would withdraw smaller amounts over a longer period, and decided to kill Santos to cover their tracks.


According to local media, they hanged Santos with the cable from an iron while he was still passed out. After killing him, the trio made various purchases with his bank cards.

The police later received an anonymous tip-off about a bad smell coming from the escort’s residence. Officers turned up at the scene, where they discovered the man’s body. They later caught the prime suspect as she arrived home.

Officer Thiago Peralva told local media: “We caught the woman coming home with a five-gallon canister of gasoline that was going to be used to burn the victim’s body. We also found that the group was going to take the body to (nearby municipality) Aguas Lindas de Goias.”


According to the police, the young woman has testified and showed no remorse.

One of the woman’s accomplices has been named as traffic officer Alberto Nascimento Lima and the other has been revealed as a 21-year-old.

According to police officer Isac Azevedo: “She was a psychopath, with a clinical diagnosis, and she was also taking powerful antipsychotics.”

The suspects are awaiting trial.

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