Three Russian ‘Wives of Heroes’ Kids Hit By Train

A family who starred in the Kremlin’s ‘Wives of Heroes’ campaign to show volunteers helping Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been wiped out in a horror car crash.

The couple’s three children were killed and their mother critically injured when their soldier father drove over a rail crossing and their SUV was crushed by a speeding train.

Two boys Ilya 11, and eight-year-old Matvey died instantly with their three-year-old sister Masha in the crash in Stavropol Krai on 11th February.

Their 31-year-old mother Elena was seriously injured and is being cared for in a hospital intensive care unit, reports local media.

Their 35-year-old dad, who has not been named, survived the crash and may now face charges of causing death by negligence.

Rescue video footage shows the vehicle completely crushed by the collision.

Only nine months ago the family starred in Russia’s ‘Wives of Heroes’ campaign highlighting the families of soldiers on the front line.

Photo shows Elena with her children. In Stavropol Krai, Russia, undated. Kids died in car accident being hit by train. (WivesofHeroes/Newsflash)

The regional head of the Committee of Families of Soldiers of the Fatherland (KSVO), Ekaterina Kolotovkina, said: “Tragic news came from the Stavropol Territory. Elena, one of the participants in the ‘Wives of Heroes’ project, was in a terrible accident.

“Three of her children died: Masha – three years old, Ilya – 11 years old, Matvey – eight years old.”

She added: “It’s hard to find words when there’s such grief.. We mourn. We pray. Terrible grief. Take care of yourself.”

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In the heroes campaign the family told how they were suddenly swept up by the invasion of Ukraine;

It said: “Until September 2022, this family lived an ordinary life. Dad and mom worked, walked in the park, went to the cinema, played with the children, but everything changed in one day.

“Dad was called by the Motherland and he did not hide, but went honestly to help the country. There is a wife and three children left at home. The boys grew up in one day.

Photo shows Elena’s sons in Stavropol Krai, Russia, undated. Kids died in car accident being hit by train. (WivesofHeroes/Newsflash)

“They are waiting for dad, are proud of him and write letters.”

The children were pictured wearing their dad’s uniform shirts and saying: “Hello dad. We miss you very much, we are looking forward to our meeting.

“You are our hero and we tell everyone about it. We know that you protect our peace.

“You are our strongest, bravest. We are always waiting for your call to talk to you. Mom also misses you very much, but we help her.

“We love you very much, we know that you will return to us with victory.”

Police believe the children’s dad ignored traffic lights and warning sirens announcing an oncoming train.

Footage shows emergency workers near a car after being hit by train. In Stavropol, Russia on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024. Three kids died in car accident being hit by train. (@gumchs_sk/Newsflash)

But he told local media that there was no warning sign, the traffic light was not working, and there was no siren either.

Police are investigating the crash.