Driver Flees Monster With Wolfs Head On Dark Lane

Story ByGheorghi Caraseni, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/@gennadievna_sv

This is the moment a motorist slams her car into reverse and speeds off in the opposite direction after encountering a “monster” with a wolf’s head on a country lane.

The incident took place outside a small village in the district of Dobrinsky in the south-western Russian region of Lipetsk Oblast and the footage was later widely shared on social media.

In the video, a motorist is seen driving along a country lane at night before illuminating a moving white glow with the vehicle’s headlights.

Picture Credit: CEN/@gennadievna_sv

The mysterious figure appears to be floating at first, but as the car approaches, it pauses on the lane.

The motorist then drives up close to the eerie human-sized creature and it slowly turns, revealing an animal’s head that appears wolf-like.

The stunned driver then slams her car in reverse before turning in the road and speeding off.

The video was posted on social media by netizen ‘Svetlana’. Local politician Vladimir Kornilov wrote: “Could it be the Snow Maiden?” The Snow Maiden is a figure in Russian folklore.

Netizen ‘Galinka’ commented: “I would faint right away if I saw this!”

‘YulaT34’ said: “Strange that the camera position moves around so much for me. I bet the man and woman in the car decided to stage this with a long-haired friend playing the ghost role.”

And ‘ma.butrin’ said: “Should have run it over first and then figured out what kind of monster it was.”

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