Dozy Driver Crashes Into Huge Fountain

This is the moment a dozy driver crashes into a massive fountain and flies through the air leaving his motor dangling over the water in Mexico City.

Video footage of the bizarre crash shows busy traffic weaving around the fountain in the early hours of 11th November.

But suddenly an Audi Q5 seems to accelerate straight towards the city landmark without stopping.

As it hits the edge of the structure, the car flies through the air and lands on the rim of the fountain’s bowl, with it then left dangling over the water.

Police and firefighters had to use a crane to get the vehicle back onto the tarmac after Jesus Ponce, 29, and Jaqueline Espinoza, 25, were rescued from the SUV.

A car drives into a fountain, in Mexico City, Mexico, on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023. Two people were injured. (CEN)

Ponce was later treated in hospital for chest injuries, according to local media in the Mexican capital.

The fountain, topped by a bronze statue of the Roman goddess of hunting Diana, has been a landmark in the city since it was built in 1942.

The Diana the Huntress fountain at the Paseo de la Reforma Avenue roundabout in Cuauhtemoc Municipality, Mexico City, was created by Mexican sculptor Juan Fernando Olaguibel and architect Vicente Mendiola.

Police are investigating the crash.