40 Motorists Dodge Mum Who Stops On Mway And Reverses

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Video Credit: AsiaWire / Jinhua traffic police

This footage shows a mother reversing in the fast lane of a busy motorway as more than 40 vehicles swerve past her.

Driver Ms Huang, whose eight-year-old was in the back seat, had been following her satnav and accidentally drove past the slip road she was meant to take during her trip on 5th October.

Traffic camera video from the Ningbo-Jinhua Expressway over the city of Jinhua, which is in East China’s Zhejiang Province, shows Ms Huang then suddenly braking and stopping in the fast lane.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire / Jinhua traffic police

Dozens of vehicles, including numerous lorries, drive and swerve past the back of her car as she stops for several minutes and then begins reversing.

Some 40 vehicles drive past her car as she reverses along the motorway and then cuts across the chevron road markings to take for the exit for Xikou Town in the neighbouring city of Ningbo.

Local authorities tracked down Ms Huang and summoned her for the string of dangerous driving offences.

Ms Huang, who the police said could not differentiate between the fast lane and the hard shoulder, told investigators: “When I realised I had driven past the slip road, I stopped on the side of the motorway and reversed.”

When asked whether she realised how dangerous her stunt was, she responded: “I knew it was dangerous, so I put on my hazard lights.”

Ms Huang was docked all 12 points from her licence, resulting in a driving ban, and was also issued with a 200-RMB (22 GBP) fine.

No one was harmed and no cars were damaged during the incident.

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