Disgusting Moment Mischief Of Large Rats Gnaw On Supermarket Grapes In Front Of Horrified Shoppers


This is the disgusting moment a mischief of three or four large rats gnaw on some supermarket grapes in front of horrified shoppers.

The incident took place in the city of Yibin, which is located in south-western China’s Sichuan province, which is famous for its food, on Thursday 6th January.

The footage shows the three or four large rats chewing on some grapes that have been laid out along with some other fruits in the supermarket, with the images being caught on camera by a shocked customer, according to local media.

Rats filmed eating grapes at supermarket fruit shelf in Yibin, China. (864208274/AsiaWire)

Other shoppers can be seen filming the large rodents with their mobile phones as well. The rats appear to be nestled between a sign and the fruit, on some artificial grass.

Many of the customers are said to have been disgusted at the scene, not least because the rodents are known to carry a high number of viruses.

The staff at the supermarket are quoted in local media as saying that the rats “were playing around”.

Rats filmed eating grapes at supermarket fruit shelf in Yibin, China. (864208274/AsiaWire)

They added that the situation had been dealt with, although it is unclear how it was resolved.

It is also unclear if any customers complained to the authorities and if the authorities are investigating the supermarket.

Netizens questioned the safety of buying products from the supermarket and urged the authorities to inspect its standards of hygiene. Some even called for the supermarket to be closed down.