Dad Stabs 2-Year-Old Son In Heart And Runs In Street Naked

A man has been arrested in Brazil for stabbing his two-year-old son to death before running around the neighbourhood naked.

Bruno Parisotto, 39, was arrested in the Brazilian municipality of Garibaldi on 3rd December.

According to the police, victim Rafael Parisotto, who was just two years and 11 months old, was stabbed with a knife and possibly also asphyxiated.


The suspect, who is separated from the child’s mother, had custody of the child for the past six months.

According to the police, a neighbour reported that the suspect was acting strangely at dawn, in a possible state of psychosis, and running around the neighbourhood naked.

The neighbour called the emergency services and the police arrived at the scene at around 5am, where they reportedly found the dead child with a plastic bag over his head and a stab wound to the heart.


The suspect was taken to hospital by ambulance, later discharged, and then taken to a police station where he is reported to have been accompanied by a lawyer and remained silent the whole time.

Two firearms were found at the property, which are believed to belong to the suspect’s father who normally lives there but was travelling at the time of the incident.

Neighbours told the police that the suspect was a loving father, but that his behaviour was drastically different on the morning of the crime.

The investigation continues.

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