Teen Woman S3xually Abused By Hospital Doc While Sedated

Police in Brazil are investigating claims a doctor sexually abused a teenage woman while she was sedated.

An unnamed 18-year-old student was taken to the private Icarai Hospital in the Brazilian municipality of Niteroi after suffering a seizure on 26th November.

The young woman told family members on 1st December that she woke up earlier the same day with her legs apart and a doctor touching her vagina.


The woman’s family has since filed a police report amid other complaints that hospital staff tied the young patient to a stretcher and did not pass on any information to the family about her condition.

The patient’s 22-year-old sister, who lives in Poland, told Brazilian media: “I recently managed to speak to her. My mum went to visit her and she took her mobile phone. She asked me for help, she asked to leave. She was crying. She said she was badly mistreated.”

The hospital denies the allegations and claimed that the doctor in question was just collecting a urine sample to be sent for tests.


The woman’s family has filed an injunction which is currently awaiting a judge’s signature that will allow her to be transferred to another hospital, given that the hospital will only release the patient with judicial authorisation.

The patient’s sister told local media: “Why don’t they want to transfer her from there? We don’t understand. The doctors are refusing to talk to us.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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