Crystal Heiress And Girlfriend Of Europe’s Youngest Billionaire Divorces Entrepreneur Husband

Crystal heiress Victoria Swarovski has officially divorced her entrepreneur husband after she started dating Red Bull tycoon Mark Mateschitz.

Image shows Victoria Swarovski, 29, and Werner Muerz, 46, undated photo. Sources revealed that Muerz was devastated over their separation. (Newsflash)

The 30-year-old pop singer Swarovski and 46-year-old property magnate Werner Muerz finalised their divorce at the family court in the city of Munich, Germany, last week.

When asked to comment on her divorce, a spokesperson for the Munich Family Court said: “I ask for your understanding that due to the non-public nature of proceedings in family matters, no information can be provided.”

However, media revealed that the divorce hearing was friendly and fast as the former couple quickly came to an “amicable agreement” about their finances and real estate.

Victoria had demanded a massive EUR 3 million (GBP 2.6 million) settlement from her ex-husband, as well as three of his luxury cars, and a EUR 1.5 million (GBP 1.3 million) share in a property he bought her.

The were reportedly able to “bring a quick, harmonious conclusion to their marriage”, after being married for six years following a lavish wedding ceremony in a cathedral in Trieste, Italy, in 2018.

Reports claimed the ex-couple were discussing the idea of starting a family, when Victoria’s lawyers announced they had split in February this year.

At the time the lawyers said: “Victoria Swarovski and Werner Muerz have separated on friendly terms. We are asked to respect privacy and to refrain from further inquiries.”

Image shows Victoria Swarovski, 29, and Werner Muerz, 46, undated photo. Sources revealed that Muerz was devastated over their separation. (Newsflash)

The separation followed after the heiress to the multi-billion dollar crystal jewellery giant Swarovski bumped into Europe’s newest billionaire Mark Mateschitz, 31, in January.

Mateschitz had just become one of Europe’s newest billionaires at USD 34.7 billion (GBP 27.8 million) and was listed by Forbes as the world’s 37th richest person when he met the pop singer.

He had inherited a 49 percent stake in the energy drink company when his father Dietrich died aged 78 in October 2022.

The 31-year-old tycoon also inherited a number of luxury properties, from a Fijian island to Austrian castles, and an estate in London’s exclusive Knightsbridge.

Both he and Victoria were silent about their relationship until she went public with a snap of them together during an Easter Break in Lion’s Head, South Africa.

The photo – taken on Sunday, 9th April – appeared on the then 29-year-old celebrity’s Instagram profile with a heart-warming caption that read: “No-Bunny compares to you. Happy Easter everyone…”

At the time sources close to Muerz said he was heartbroken after seeing the picture, as he was reportedly still madly in love with her.

Victoria Swarovski, 30, poses in undated photo. She celebrated her birthday with her boyfriend Mark Mateschitz, 31, on a luxury yacht in Zakynthos, Greece. (@victoriaswarovski/Newsflash)

However, media now claimed that he has a new woman in his life, whose name is reportedly also Victoria.

Meanwhile, friends of Victoria who gained fame after she won the ninth season of the RTL’s version of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in 2016 say it would not come as a surprise if she became pregnant in the near future.

The speculations follow after she revealed in an interview for Bunte that she wants to “become a mum by the age of 30 at the latest” in 2021.

She said: “I definitely don’t want to miss the moment and I’m looking forward to starting my own family.”

Sources revealed that she and Mateschitz recently bought a house together in Namibia.

They currently live together in one of Mateschitz’s estates – reportedly a castle – in Salzburg, Austria.