Crying Goose Is Spared By Kindhearted Owner Who Took Pity On The Big Bird

A goose that similarly burst into tears when it spotted the huge meat cleaver that was about to be used to turn it into a meal escaped its fate after its owner took pity on it.

The footage shows the meat cleaver on a pot just above the goose. The goose appears to be crying real tears as if it realised the fate that was in store for it.

The man had reportedly raised the goose for six years before deciding to eat it at the farm in Hechuan, which is a district in the northern part of Chongqing Municipality, People’s Republic of China.

Goose that was about to be killed cries in Hechuan, China. (887760074/AsiaWire)

The kindhearted owner however goes up and takes the goose’s head in his hands, and notices the tears dropping down and staining the concrete floor.

The farmer can be heard saying: “Look, it is really crying.It knows what’s going to happen, so it is crying.”

He then relents and tells his family to let it go, saying: “I am not going to kill you.”

Goose that was about to be killed cries in Hechuan, China. (887760074/AsiaWire)

Another video shows the goose after it survived the incident when its owner took pity on it, and it is seen apparently still alive, walking around the farm and swimming on the pond.