Shop Owner Builds Steps With Apple Phone Cases

The owner of a mobile phone store selling Apple products has made sure locals know his business by using old Apple mobile phone cases to decorate his staircase.

The stairs leading up to the shop have the rubberised mobile phone cases embedded in the concrete in front of the shop in Qingdao, which is a major city in eastern Shandong Province in China.

The video footage shows the five steps covered in dozens of Apple mobile phone cases leaving visitors in no doubt as to what the store is dealing in.

Owner of a mobile phone repair shop has built steps with Apple phone cases in Qingdao, China. (58820657/AsiaWire)

The store’s owner, identified only by the name Cheng, said he specialises in repairing Apple phones and wanted to build the steps to attract more attention for his business.

He said it took about two or three years to save up enough disused phone cases from phones that people had asked him to dispose of or sell.

He added: “I personally was pretty impressed with the result, I think they’re very good looking and people seem to agree, because you see them outside taking photographs – on their mobile phones – of my staircase.