Cruel Taekwondo Instructor Slams Scared Kid On Mat

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a cruel martial arts instructor picks up a terrified young boy before slamming him on the floor because the youngster is unable to do the splits.

The martial arts gym has been temporarily closed and the instructor has been suspended.

The shocking clip was filmed by the nine-year-old’s dad, surnamed Zhou, who had been standing by the door waiting to take the boy home after training on 20th April.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire & AsiaWire/Long Feng

The video filmed at the Long Feng Culture Art Sports Training School in Lizhou District in Guangyuan, which is in south-western China’s Sichuan Province, shows the instructor appearing to be disciplining Zhou’s son.

The young taekwondo learner sits on the mat, appearing to be holding his legs, as another pupil next to him tries to help him up.

However, the teacher Jia, who was identified by his surname, suddenly grabs the boy and picks him up, throwing him onto the mat, all because he had apparently failed to do the splits.

Jia can then be heard shouting: “Get out of here!” as he points to the exit.

The incident led to a heated argument between him and the boy’s dad, who said he was “deeply shocked to have witnessed it”.

Zhou said he confronted the instructor, who allegedly threatened to “hack” him to death during the fracas.

District education officials said Jia and the gym have been suspended pending investigation and “internal reform”.

The boy was not injured during the incident, but was “traumatised” by the experience, Zhou said.

“He’s now receiving counselling,” Zhou said.

The parent revealed his son had been going to the martial arts and culture school for six years.

He had been learning taekwondo for two years under Jia, who is said to be “extremely qualified” as a high-ranking instructor of the Chinese Taekwondo Association.

Jia has reportedly apologised for losing his temper, but it is still unclear whether Zhou’s family will file charges.

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