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Family Thugs Break Vets Leg For Scolding Cat-Kick Boy

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a thuggish father and grandfather break a vets leg for telling off a youngster who aimed a kick at a cat outside his clinic.

According to reports, both the boy’s grandfather and dad have been jailed for 13 months following the fracas that led to the vet being hospitalised with a broken foot.

The incident took place in June 2017 in the north-western Turkish province of Eskisehir when the young boy was visiting his granddad.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The six-year-old was playing near his grandfather’s apartment when he swung his foot at a cat outside a veterinary clinic.

Although he missed the cat, vet Turgay Ozdemir, 60, rushed out of the clinic to scold the youngster.

The boy started crying and told his granddad Buhaniddin Erbay, who then became embroiled in an argument with the vet.

The row quickly escalated and the two started physically shoving one another, as seen in the video footage.

The boy’s dad Bora Erbay also got involved and at one point dragged the vet to the ground in a headlock, according to reports.

It was at this point when the 60-year-old man broke his left foot and the family members promptly left.

Ozdemir took the CCTV footage to the police and filed a complaint against the father and grandfather.

Both defendants have recently been sentenced to 13 months in prison for their part in the 2017 attack on the vet.

Sibel Abdiu

I have worked as a correspondent covering news from Turkey and Albania for several years now.