Bloody 18yo Stabs GF Over 50 Times In Row Over 29 GBP

Story By: Anna Guran, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency:Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN/ Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Saratov Region

An 18-year-old has been arrested for killing his girlfriend by stabbing her over 50 times in a row over 29 GBP before calmly returning to class with the victim’s blood on him.

The body of the 18-year-old victim, identified as Catherine, was found at the entrance to a house on Vishnevaya Street in the city of Saratov in the south-western Russian region of Saratov Oblast.

Reports said that the teenage suspect, named Eugene, was arrested shortly after the alleged stabbing when he was found with the victim’s blood on his clothes.

Picture Credit: CEN/@katygrom777

An eyewitness was quoted as saying in local media: “He was caught within a couple of hours, sitting in class with blood on him.”

Meanwhile, the murder weapon was reportedly found in nearby bushes.

According to local media, Eugene and the victim were neighbours and lovers. In July, the suspect reportedly lent Catherine some cash and began to demand it back.

Picture Credit: CEN/@katygrom777

Local media published an alleged text message from Eugene to the 18-year-old victim that said: “You took 2,300 RUB (29 GBP) from my wallet in my house (that is how I see it). You said we were friends and much more.

“Then I nicely asked you to repay the debt, hoping you have a conscience, which you completely failed to answer.

“If you think that living in a neighbouring house means you can just wave it off, then I have bad news for you.

Picture Credit: CEN/@katygrom777

“For me, it is not about the money, you have to answer for your actions with blood, no matter what it costs me. Think about yourself, your life, your family – is it really worth it over 2,300 RUB (29 GBP)?

“I ask you for the last time, return this money to me. This is your last warning.”

However, an unnamed acquaintance of Eugene and Catherine told reporters: “As for the cash, he was handing out bills at a party while drunk.

The investigation is ongoing.

Picture Credit: CEN/@katygrom777

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