Cruel Son Dumps OAP Mum And Dad At Cafe

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment an elderly couple is left stranded in a cafe after their son brought them there before reportedly driving off without them.

Hugo and Hilda, 92 and 86 years old respectively, were reportedly abandoned in a cafe in the city of Rosario in the northern Argentine province of Santa Fe and waited over seven hours for their son to return, which he never did.

Reports said that the unfortunate couple had been evicted from their rented home the same day and were completely unaware of the situation.

Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/@untatuajeporunasonrisa

The cafe owner took them to a police station and the elderly couple’s other son came to help them, according to local media.

The son, Raul, said that he no longer has a relationship with his brother Hugo, who is said to have abandoned his OAP parents in the cafe, and can only help in the interim as his family-of-six is currently living in a two-bedroom home.

Raul told local media: “My parents need constant attention. My wife and I manage the impossible, but they also need a lot of medical care.”

Regarding his brother Hugo, Raul said: “The police told me that there are no current updates. My mum thinks that something bad happened to him, but I do not believe he will ever show up again.”

Raul said that his parents take home a small pension, but his father – who is 92 years old and deaf-mute – has forgotten his bank account details and has difficulty communicating with others.

Raul wants the authorities to send his parents to a care home.

After local media picked up on the elderly couple’s abandonment, scores of residents have donated cash, clothes and food to help them.

There have been no further updates on Hugo’s whereabouts.