Children Fighting Cancer Join Celebrities On Catwalk

Story By: Bartosz Staszewski, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@spelnionychmarzen

This is the heartwarming moment 12 young girls fighting cancer walk a fashion show catwalk hand-in-hand with celebrities.

The charity fashion show was staged in the Polish capital city of Warsaw to prove that cancer can be stopped in its tracks and beaten.

All of the girls taking part had undergone or are undergoing treatment for cancer at clinics in the Polish cities of Olsztyn, Lublin and Warsaw.

One of the youngsters, Iga Hudyk, said: “First I had bone cancer in my arms and then it moved to my head and my lungs, but I managed to get better.”

Celebrity Marta Manowska, 34, a TV host, said: “They are so strong and they give us strength by showing us that our own problems are just so trivial.” 

The children were also joined on the catwalk by the current Miss Poland Olga Bulawa, 27, and actress Katarzyna Cichopek, 36, star of popular TV show ‘M jak Miłosc’ (L for Love) and winner of the ‘Taniec z Gwiazdami’ (Dancing with the Stars) reality TV show.

Actress Anna Korcz, 50, showman and actor Szymon Majewski, 51, and TV host Kuba Wesołowski, 33, were also among the movie, music and stage stars taking part.

The fashion show, at Warsaw’s Palace of Culture, was staged by and to raise money for the Dreams Come True Foundation. 

Foundation chairman Tomasz Osuch said the aim was to break down stereotypes and to provide practical help for child victims of cancer.

He said: “Our foundation has been running a rehabilitation centre for seven years where we help children who have been through amputation and transplant surgery.” 

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Picture Credit: CEN/@spelnionychmarzen

Bartosz Staszewski

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