Shock As Actor Squeezes Wifes Boobs On Red Carpet

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This is the moment a popular actor squeezes his wife’s boobs on the red carpet of an awards ceremony and says “they are mine anyway”.

US-born actor Alexis Ayala, 53, and his actress wife Fernanda Lopez, 37, were being interviewed by journalists at the TVyNovelas Awards in the Mexican capital of Mexico City.

Ayala was asked whether he got jealous with his stunning wife showing off her “pechonalidad” (breasts) in the revealing dress she had chosen for the occasion.

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The actor grabs his wife’s boobs and replies: “But why would I be jealous? The opposite, look, I love it.”

The Colombia-Mexican actress laughs at his antics which the journalist asks him to repeat.

Ayala then squeezes his wife’s boobs together with both hands and says: “Look, that is what they are for, they are mine anyway!”

And after the journalist describes his actions as “jugueton” (provocative), he added: “This is how it should be. In life we should play, we should have fun.”

Lopez carried on laughing but appears to be blushing. The beautiful blonde regularly shares saucy selfies online with her army of more than 190,000 online fans on Instagram.

Reactions to her husband’s behaviour were divided online with one commentator saying: “What a common guy he is”, with another arguing: “Wow, I love the attitude of this man.”

But ‘adanapo’ said: “What misogynists… even the interviewer… disgusting and then there are protests to support women.”

And ‘karlita402’ added: “How rude! This is not done in public.”

Ayala won the award for Best Actor, for his role in the soap opera “Amar a Muerte” (Love to Die) in the TVyNovelas Awards.

The couple got married in the Mexican city of Acapulco in 2014.

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