Couple’s Honeymoon Night In Hospital After 25ft Plunge Through Party Floor

This is the horrifying moment the floor collapses during an Italian wedding party leaving 30 injured revellers needing hospital treatment.

Newlyweds Paolo Mugnaini and Valeria Ybarra spent their honeymoon night in different hospital beds after their wild reception really did raise the roof.

Video footage from the night at a converted convent in Pistoia, Tuscany, on 13th January shows guests dancing wildly as the party gets into full swing.

But seconds into the footage a huge hole opens up in the floor sending dozens of guests crashing 25 feet from the attic into the floor below.

As the dust settles other partygoers can be seen staring down into the hole as guests gasp and scream in terror as the footage ends.

Picture shows the newlyweds, undated. Floor collapsed during their wedding in Pistoia, Italy. (CEN)

Local media reported that 30 guests needed treatment, many of them in hospital, including the bride and groom.

Photographs show the couple hand in hand in beds beside each other with a drip attached to Paulo’s arm.

Another shot shows accident investigators examining the wood-panelled room the guests fell into through an almost perfectly round hole.

Now the couple have filed a complaint against the venue with local prosecutors and handed over the footage as evidence.

Picture shows the scene of the accident in Pistoia, Italy, undated. A floor collapsed during wedding celebration. (CEN)

The incident is being investigated by the Pistoia Public Prosecutor’s Office for causing injury by negligence.

Paolo’s father, who has not been named, told local media: “It happened while people were dancing. I immediately tried to help.”

Prosecutors have since closed down the building and are looking into its structural integrity.

On their website, the venue’s operators promise couples an “unforgettable party” to “amaze guests”.