Biker Carrying Wife And Kid Slams Straight Into Cop

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a cop is sent flying by a biker carrying his wife and kid who refuses to stop at a police checkpoint.

Traffic camera footage from the county of Xianyou in China’s eastern Fujian Province shows cops spotting and trying to flag down the biker, surnamed Li.

He can be seen riding without a helmet while also carrying a woman and boy believed to be his wife and son on the pillion, but he refuses to stop for the cops who try flag him down.

In the video, Li dodges one cop at the checkpoint and also races past a second, but the third, surnamed Mao, bravely stands in his way.

Li does not slow down and crashes straight into the cop, sending him flying to the ground.

Li, his wife and child also crash off the motorcycle, and footage taken in the aftermath shows the husband lying on the ground refusing to get up.

Xianyou police say the policeman and the family of three were not seriously injured.

They are investigating the case and are expected to charge Li with attempting to avoid justice.

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

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