Chinese Student Ties Cat With Rope And Beats It With Belt

This is the moment a Chinese student hits a cat with a belt after trapping the animal and tying it up with rope.

The incident took place at the Xi’an Vocational and Technical College, located in the city of Xi’an in the Chinese province of Shaanxi.

After the video was widely shared on social media, outraged netizens reportedly complained to the college and demanded that the incident be looked into.

Student beats cat in Xi’an, China. (AsiaWire)

In the video, a young man is seen holding rope tied to the cowering cat with one hand while using a belt in the other hand to strike the animal.

He whips the cat hard around the head and the feline recoils in pain.

As he threatens the cat with the belt again, the animal is seen lifting a paw in defence while meowing what sounds like ‘nooo’ at the man.

Student beats cat in Xi’an, China. (AsiaWire)

At least one other person appears to be present in the room who is filming the incident.

Following the online backlash, the college said they are aware of the footage and are carrying out an investigation.

The college said in a statement on 6th December: “Recently, the incident of cat abuse by students of our college was reported online.

Announcement from the Xi’an Urban Construction Vocational College about the cat abuse in China. (AsiaWire)

“The college has punished and educated the students involved and their position here is under review.

“Psychological assistance has been offered and the student (in the video) has expressed his regret.”

“The college will further improve the education and management of our students, and the cat involved has been adopted by caring people.”