Chinese Man Given 9999 Coins As A Wedding Gift By His Friends For Good Luck

This footage shows how a man was given 9999 coins as a wedding gift by his friends in China, where the number nine is believed to be good luck.

The incident took place in the city of Puyang, in Qingfeng County, which is located in central China’s Henan province, and according to the South China Morning Post, it took two banks seven hours to count the coins worth a reported USD 1,566 (GBP 1,160).

A first piece of footage shows the man, who has not been named, lifting a heavy bucket containing the coins out of the boot of a car with the help of a friend on Monday, 15th November, after he got married on 12th November.

Man receives 9,999 coins as wedding gift in Henan, China. (939B0/AsiaWire)

They then put down the bucket in front of the doors to a bank before opening them and preparing to go inside. Jimu News reported that the video was shot at the gate of the Ma Village branch of Qingfeng Rural Commercial Bank.

A second piece of footage shows a bank clerk counting some of the coins.

The number nine is thought to be lucky in Chinese culture because of its association with longevity and eternity.