JUST GRAND: Parcel Courier Pianist’s Viral Mozart Hit

A parcel delivery courier who taught himself how to play the piano has scored a viral hit after an impromptu performance in a hotel lobby.

The courier – still wearing his overalls – sat down to play after delivering a parcel to the hotel in Turkey.

His breathtaking show took in Mozart’s ‘Turkish March’ from the composer’s Piano Sonata No. 11.

A second clip shows him performing Tom Odell’s hit ‘Another Love’.

Turkish media – which did not name the player – said he’d simply brought in a package to the hotel and asked if he could use their piano.

Staff at the hotel – also unidentified – were left open-mouthed by his performance.

His playing eventually made it onto social media and the post was swamped by comments from fans.

A young man plays the last movement of the Piano Sonata No. 11 by Mozart, known as the “Turkish Rondo” or “Turkish March”, undated. The young man reportedly works as a courier who delivered an order to the hotel where he played the piano. (@nerffpx/CEN)

Even Nazim Salur – the boss of Getir, the courier company he works for – said he was impressed and planned to support him in future.