Chile Star Claims Corona Was Created To Control People

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

Chile midfielder Marcelo Diaz has claimed the coronavirus was “created” by “the system” to “control, manipulate and isolate” people before bizarrely ruling out that the disease started from a bat and snake’s “sexual desire” for each other.

Chilean international Diaz, 33, made the comments in a post he made to his army of 778,900 online followers where he spoke “his truth” and “his version” of the coronavirus, officially named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization.

Diaz entitled his post “Lucid State of a F*cking Madman” and wrote: “I manage to understand that my life does not belong to me in the slightest, that my life is controlled by third parties and directly by a virus that attacks at a worldwide scale.


“That we must remain in our home like slaves and stop doing whatever we want, that I must stay in my home to not get infected or infect other. What world do you think we live in?”

Diaz then seemingly mocked initial reports claiming COVID-19 could have come from a bat or a snake from a market in the city of Wuhan located in the Chinese province of Hubei.

He said: “I don’t believe that a bat and a snake had so much sexual desire that they dabbled in creating a virus that attacks humanity.


“I don’t think that those same protagonists are wanting to have sexual relations again and experiment in finding an antidote that can cure the virus.”

Diaz then goes on to say he did not “believe God has created a virus, sent to Earth to kill our elderly and keep us locked in our homes in a state of panic.

“I also don’t believe the devil created the virus. Do you believe all animals and living beings that inhabit Earth will be infected and die if we do not maintain quarantine in our respective homes?


“I don’t think so. What I believe, which is my TRUTH and my VERSION, is that they want to control, manipulate and keep us in a complete state of isolation from reality without having the method to fight the virus.

“I firmly believe that just as they created the virus, they are creating or even may have already created an antidote or cure which will coincidentally cost money to buy.

“I assure you it will not be free” adding “the very money we are losing or starting to lose at these moments, not being able to leave our homes” will be “to buy a pill or an injection that is going to cure us by the grace of the holy spirit.

“I am not speaking of money but of POWER. I don’t believe in and am against the system, of all systems.

“We must simply act right and stop harming ourselves as well as our beautiful planet where we live. Humans are the only responsible for our catastrophes.”

Diaz captioned the post: “I like to think and write. I share MY TRUTH. Everyone has theirs. Good night!”

Netizens took to the footballer’s social media to seemingly mock and disagree with him as ‘alvaaz’ saying: “Stick to playing football better.”

‘Redes_Racing’ commented: “I knew that banana had something else in it.”

‘jpvc88’ joked: “Stop with the Netflix!”

‘Dijocheoeu’ wrote: “It’s a shame the quality you have as a footballer is not the same as the one you have for intelligence. I assume you’re sober, yes?”

‘soylaCe’ wrote: “Haha. What a bleeding idiot.”

Diaz has played for Spanish side Celta Vigo, German side Hamburger SV and Mexican club giants Puma UNAM.

He currently plays for current Argentine Superliga champions Racing Club and has 61 caps with Chile helping them win two Copa Americas (2015 and 2016).

There have been a reported 525,308 cases of COVID-19 leading to 23,611 deaths across the globe.

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