Fan Brutally Beaten With Metal Bars By Rival Hooligans

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This is the shocking moment a football fan is brutally beaten with metal bars and kicked in the head by a gang of rival hooligans.

The startling scenes were recorded by a security camera in the Pirituba area of the city of Sao Paulo in southeastern Brazil when a Sao Paulo fan was brutally beaten by a gang of thugs from rival team Palmeiras.

In the video, the 43-year-old Sao Paulo fan, who has not been named, can be seen running towards a petrol station shop followed by a gang of thugs.

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Some of the aggressors can be seen beating the man with metal bars and kicking him on the ground as an onlooker tries to move them away.

The victim is left motionless on the ground when one of the thugs comes back and continues kicking him and hitting him with a metal bar.

Local media report the victim was left unconscious in the attack. The police were called but when they arrived the attackers had reportedly fled.

The incident reportedly came after Palmeiras had defeated Sao Paulo 3-0 at home in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A.

Reports state before the incident a group of Sao Paulo fans had attacked a group of Palmeiras fans in the nearby Vila Clarice train station.

The victim, a member of a Sao Paulo fan club, reportedly broke both his arms and had injuries to his head in the incident but has now been released from hospital.

He told investigators that he had been to watch a football match in a bar and when it finished he went in his car to find a friend at the Vila Clarice train station.

He said he got out of the car when a gang of Palmeiras fans got off a train and attacked a group of Sao Paulo fans, with them catching him and beating him at the petrol station.

The Secretary of Pubnic Security said the “police were aware of the incident and have launched an investigation”. No arrests have been reported.

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