Child Screams With Infectious Excitement At Birthday Drive By From Firemen

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Story By: James KingSub-EditorAlex Cope, Agency: Newsflash

This is the moment a little lad pays back firemen who decided to do a drive-by for his birthday with his infectious excitement that made everybody laugh.


The video was shot by the Gilbert Fire Rescue service from Gilbert, Arizona who shared it today. (11 November)

It was posted online with the message: “Need some pure joy in your life? You need to watch this, with the sound on!

“Happy birthday, Ryder! You may have thought we were making your day but you truly made ours!”


The video starts with the dead lad standing patiently and then suddenly screaming in excitement as the fire engine with its lights flashing comes round the corner of his street.

Ryder starts running around in excitement, screaming his own name and sparking laughter from the people standing around nearby.

Just as the video ends and the fire engine approaches, a woman’s voice can be heard saying: “Look, they came for you, wave to them.”


He is then seen waving enthusiastically just as the video ends.

Commentators like Suzanne Gonzales said: “OMG that is some fire truck love there!”

And Danismom05 wrote: “That is absolutely precious, thanks for sharing this, it’s nice seeing happy things with his bad 2020 has been.”

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