Cheapskate Driver Flees Tyre Bill With Jack Still Fixed To Car

This is the jackass moment a motorist floors the accelerator to dodge a bill for a new tyre and races down the road with a trolley jack still under his car.

The bizarre footage, filmed on dashcam outside a garage. In Kampar, Perak State, Malaysia, on 12th January begins as mechanics have just finished fitting a new rear tyre.

But instead of paying, the driver revs the engine of his souped-up Proton Wira Special Edition and roars off in a cloud of burning rubber dragging the jack behind him.

As he picks up speed, the jack drops away and two mechanics give up their chase shaking their heads in bafflement at the stunt.

Local media reports that the driver had come to pick up his car after having a tyre replaced.

Car drives off as tire shop owner tries to remove tire. In Kampar, Perak in Malaysia, Jan. 12, 2024. The driver did not have enough money to pay for it. (Kevin Lee/CEN )

When he told the price, he handed over a bag of coins that would not have come close to settling the bill.

But as staff were counting the coins, he jumped into the car and sped away from the Kampar Tyre & Car Service garage.

It is unclear whether police are investigating the incident.