Nearly 1,000 Tourists Stranded In Holiday Resorts As Avalanches Block Roads

Nearly 1,000 tourists have been trapped on a mountain after heavy snowfall caused at least 31 avalanches to pile onto the roads and blocked their only way out.

The roads in Burqin County, in China’s north-western Xinjiang Region. Have reportedly been buried under nearly 15 feet of snow as of 13th January.

Many winter fans who had travelled to ski resorts situated in the popular Kanas Scenic Area became stranded for days as road access was completely cut off.

Authorities are working hard to clear the way as the only way down is a winding mountain road about 60 miles long.

Chilling footage shows dozens of cars stuck in deep snow after some travellers had apparently attempted to return home.

Other videos show some tourists being lifted by helicopter to safety, while others remain trapped in holiday homes.

To ease their situation, the Kanas Scenic Area Management Committee provided free meals and accommodation.

Photo shows tourists trapped after avalanches. In Xinjiang, China, undated. Helicopters were dispatched to rescue stranded tourists. (AsiaWire)

Ms Zhang, a bed and breakfast owner in Hemu, one of the villages in the scenic area. Said the blizzard caused over six feet of snow to pile up in the yard.

Mr Chen, one of the stranded tourists in the village, said he and five or six friends have been staying there since 5th January.

He said: “Starting from 11th January [to the 14th], we have been trapped for a full four days.

Hiker Crushed Under Avalanche

“The original plan was to leave Hemu on 11th January, but it nearly impossible to do so since 10th January.”

He recalled that on the 10th, he accidentally fell into the snow on the ground and instantly became buried under it.

He “It’s not clear how thick it is now; even homestays and cars are covered with snow.

Photo shows tourists trapped after avalanches. In Xinjiang, China, undated. Helicopters were dispatched to rescue stranded tourists. (AsiaWire)

“When I slid into the snow, the snow swallowed me whole, and when I climbed out, I gasping for breath.”

So far, 31 avalanche points have been discovered, with 25 already cleared. And the remaining six being actively cleared, local media reported.

The Kanas Management Committee said in a 15h January statement: “Due to the recent impact of continuous heavy snow and extreme weather, the roads in the Kanas Scenic Area have been blocked by avalanches.

“Despite the full efforts of the highway transportation department to rescue and clear the roads, some sections are still repeatedly experiencing avalanches.

“In order to ensure the personal safety of the general public and tourists. The Kanas Scenic Area Management Committee has decided to temporarily close the scenic area (including Hana Village, Baihaba Village, and Hemu Village) until January 20th.

“Any changes to the opening time will be promptly updated and announced.”