Cargo Ship Loses 1,816 Containers Overboard During Rough Seas

Story By: Wu Juan, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

These images show hundreds of shipping containers scattered around a large cargo vessel that lost over 1,800 units due to rough weather.

The pictures show the ONE Apus cargo vessel, which sails for the shipping liner Ocean Network Express (ONE), after arriving at a port in the city of Kobe in the Japanese region of Kensai. The ship arrived at the port with a Japanese flag.

According to local reports, the ship sailed through very rough conditions in the Pacific Ocean which lead them losing a reported 1,816 containers overboard.


The exact date of the incident is unclear, however, the boat is reported to have suffered the weather troubles “last week” and first arrived in Japan on 8th December.

The images show the stacks of containers, which went as high as 100 feet in some cases, scattered on the ship after apparently being knocked over at sea.

The ONE Apus sailed from the southern Chinese province of Guangdong towards the American state of California across the Pacific Ocean.


However, after the shipping liner suffered damages, they changed their course to Japan where the pictures were taken.

Of the over 1,816 containers that fell into the ocean, 64 are reported to be “dangerous cargo” as they contained fireworks, batteries or liquid ethanol. None of the lost cargo has been located.

The cost in damages is thought to be in the millions as the cargo ship is able to carry up to 14,000 shipping units and the current position of its cargo will further complicate things.

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