CAR CRASH HORROR: Family Of Six Wiped Out In Head-On Smash With Lorry

This is the horrifying moment when a car crosses lanes on a highway and runs head-on into a truck, killing a family of six.

The shocking crash wiped out a mum, dad, and their four children, including a 16-month-old baby.

Media in Sooretema, Brazil, said the smash took place at kilometre 119 of the BR-101 federal highway on 15th January.

Police believe the car driver fell asleep at the wheel.

A camera fitted to the truck – which was transporting eucalyptus logs – shows how the car crossed to the wrong side of the road straight into the lorry’s path.

Grim photos from the scene show how the car – which had numberplates from Macae and was heading north towards Bahia state – was left completely mangled in the crash.

Marcos Souza Santos, 36, Edinalva dos Santos Costa, 36, and their Joao Victor dos Santos Costa Souza, 10, Juan Pedro dos Santos Souza, 7, Debora Vitoria Santos Souza, Maria Luiza Santos, 1-year-and-4-months pose in undated photo. They were killed when their car hit a lorry in Sooretama, Brazil, Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023. (CEN)

Inspector Willis Lyra of the Federal Highway Police told local media: “There were excess passengers on the back seat.

“Three are allowed in the rear of the vehicle and there were four. Of the children, only the baby was in the car seat correctly.”

The victims have been named as dad Marcos Souza Santos, 36, mum Edinalva dos Santos Costa, 36, and siblings Joao Victor dos Santos Costa Souza, ten, Juan Pedro dos Santos Souza, seven, Debora Vitoria Santos Souza, four, and 16-month-old baby Maria Luiza Santos.

Inspector Lyra said that the family had left Macae on Saturday afternoon and had passed through Vitoria at around 2am.

The accident had happened at around 6am.

Lyra told local media: “Everything indicates that the father fell asleep at the wheel on a straight road, as no skid marks were found on the tarmac.”

The lorry driver, who was unscathed, told police he had been unable to avoid the collision.

The highway has since been reopened to traffic.

Picture shows the two vehicles after the crash in Sooretama, Brazil, Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023. The two parents and 4 chldren aged 10 to 1-year-old were killed when thir car hit a lorry. (PRF/CEN)

The bodies of the deceased were taken to Linhares for autopsies and were later released to their next of kin.