Boy Gets Rescued After Hanging From Window With Head Stuck In Anti-Theft Grille

The terrifying video shows a little boy getting rescued after he was hanging from a window of his home with his head stuck in the anti-theft grille.

Smartphone footage recorded by locals showed the five-year-old boy dangling from the second-floor window on Xianghe street. In the city of Zhuhai, in China’s Guandong Province on 13th January.

In the recording, the poor boy can be seen hanging by his neck, which was trapped in the anti-theft grille, as his twin sister climbed up to the window but failed to help him.

Upon hearing him scream, passersby immediately joined their forces to save him.

The footage further depicts a man standing on a tricycle in a bid to catch the boy, but failing to reach him.

Aided by construction workers and street cleaners. The man then stepped on a ladder that they placed on top of the tricycle and used a shovel to push the boy upwards.

The little girl then pulled the boy inside, after which he stood up and turned around to see the people who helped him.

A local businesswoman identified only as Liu, who witnessed the incident, said. “The boy who was rescued is the son of an acquaintance of mine.

“He and the girl who was lying on the window of the house at the time of the incident are twins. My store is not far from them. My home is very close.

Boy Perches On Fifth-Floor Window Rail

“At around 3pm on 13th January, the grandmother who was looking after the child happened to be out to work.

“After the boy’s head got stuck in the anti-theft net. A nearby female cleaner noticed the incident for the first time. And immediately called the nearby construction workers and neighbours for help.”

Liu said that the children’s parents were at work at the time of the incident. She added that the boy did not suffer any injuries.