Boy, 6, Sparks Terror Alert After Taking Toy Guns Into Airport

This is the moment a police officer has a chuckle with a six-year-old boy after finding toy guns in his bag at an airport in Turkey.

The little boy’s backpack sparked a terror alert when it went through the X-ray scanner. At the DHM Yenisehir Airport in Bursa‘s Yenisehir district, according to local media.

But the scare was short-lived after the police opened the bag to find that the ‘weapons’ were, in fact, plastic toys.

The boy, who has not been named, had gone to the airport to see off his grandmother and grandfather.

Police searching the bag of a 6-year-old child at Bursa Airport. Turkey came across toy guns, undated. The cops laughed with the boy for a while. (CEN)

He reportedly placed his backpack on the x-ray machine but security officers noticed the items in it and scrambled to seize the contents.

The footage shows the police having a chuckle with the young boy after finding they were a child’s toys. As he shows off his toys, he even pulls the trigger on one of the guns as the relieved officer sitting next to him laughs.

Local media reported that he played with the police for a while before saying goodbye to his relatives.